Let's Talk About Sketchbooks Volume 4

 After a bit of a break I'm back at it with the sketchbook posts! As I mentioned in the last installment, I started working on "anything goes" journals complete with sketching, collage, art, and writing. 

Like the last anything goes book, I worked in a Moleskine softcover journal, but this time it was an unlined sketchbook in a square format. Not my favorite cover, but I covered this one in packing tape so it will hold up a bit better than my other anything goes journal.

I didn't stick the pages together in this one and the pages held up pretty well, but there was some bleed through in spots. Not really enough to bother me though.

Obviously really going through a washi tape phase while working on this journal.

For a while I was writing thoughts of the day or things I read that seemed particularly relevant in my planner. Once I had amassed a good collection I would copy them into my journal where I'd be more likely to see them.

Always, notes to self. Good advice, even if it is misspelled.

Lots of flowers, experimenting with watercolor and acrylics in the book.

I am a big fan of gratitude lists or lists of things that are making me happy to help me focus on the positive things, even if they are small. I used to have a dedicated notebook for such lists, but in the spirit of "anything goes" I started writing them down in my sketchbooks.

Sometimes I just need a place to put angsty feelings.

Pasting cool random things into my journal is my favorite. The comic/business card is from Laughing Redhead Studio

One of the best ways to save pages I don't like is to write in block letters over them.


Drawing through feelings.


I don't typically try to make two page spreads coordinate with each other, but sometimes I really dig the way they look side by side.

I brought the journal on a trip to Puerto Rico with my mom and sister. Travel journaling is so much fun! Small sketches and doodles, minute observations that I'll love to look back on, and collecting more stuff, like postcards.

My anything goes journal is also a place to stick in random extra photos, which I tend to have a lot of from other projects.

These journals serve as both records of my life and art/lettering practice.  It is so cool!

I freaking love these flowers on neon paint. The flowers are drawn in white paint pen over the yellow, but I'm super into how it kind of looks like the white of the flowers is the paper underneath the paint.

Always inspired by Van Gogh and Starry Night.

Thanks for checking out my latest sketchbook!  I've really enjoyed looking back at the work in this one. This one is from almost exactly a year ago, and I'm really happy with what is inside. It is really cool to see how far I've come in the past year, but also what has stayed the same. I'll be back with another sketchbook post soon!